Free CPR Classes

Atlanta CPR will resume offering Free CPR Classes. Wow, it’s been a long time since we held these Free classes. Our lead instructor was not up to par, so we had to pause the Classes. The funniest thing happened on Thursday, twelve people called to ask for free CPR Classes. It was such an over site on our part. Then, Steven (Lead Instructor) heard someone supplicating a class. He then declared that no one will have to beg for a free CPR Class ever again.

All classes at Atlanta CPR will be free to attend and learn, free of charge. Anyone can come in and participate in any class that is scheduled. We ask that the free students not disrupt the class as to take away from the paying people who have completed the blended learning and paid for the Hands on Skills Session.

Free CPR students get the same CPR training as our students that get CPR Certified in one hour.

At the end of class students who paid for a CPR certification will receive A two year American Heart Association CPR card or a A two year Red Cross CPR Card.

Students that signed up for free CPR will not receive a CPR card.

You are free to participate in any CPR, BLS, ACLS class, but due to monetary constraints we will not be giving away the Certification for free. The CPR Training is the value point not the certificate.

NOTE… only persons who paid for an AHA or Red Cross Certificate will get a CPR Certification card.