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CPR Questions

This is the dialogue between CPR Instructors and the students.

Traditional CPR Classroom
1. Q: What time do we leave?
A: Class is for 4 hours.

2. Q: Is that going to be on the test?
A: Yes!

3. Q: Why do I need to get recertified?
A: Because you’re a Doctor/Nurse!

4. Q: Do I really need to know all of this?
A: Yes!

5. Q: Can you just give me the card?
A: No, you have to earn it!

This is Dialogue at Atlanta CPR

1. Q: Is that It, is it over already?

A: Yes, it’s been 1 hour!

2. Q: That was on the test!

A: Yes!

3. Q: I really needed to be recertified!

A:  Yes!

4. Q: Hey, I learned that online!

A: Okay!

5. Q: Did I earn my CPR card?

A: Yes!

Clearly, you see which one is better!