On any given day there are numerous injuries that occur to loved ones, friends, colleagues, and strangers that stop them from breathing. This type of incident will typically require quick actions from someone who knows enough to help that individual. When someone has some basic training they are more equipped to help out in this type of emergency. Here we’ll take a look at the benefits of learning AHA CPR.

What Is AHA CPR?

AHA Is the American Heart Association. CPR is cardiopulmonary resuscitation. It is a procedure that when performed in an emergency can save someone’s life. It is used when someone’s heart fails and stops beating. It is estimated that a person’s chances of surviving cardiac arrest go up three times when someone is able to administer CPR.

How Likely Is It That Someone Might Use This Procedure?

It is estimated that close to a half a million Americans will die each year from cardiac arrest. Globally it is one of the leading causes of death. In fact, it kills more people worldwide than prostate cancer, breast cancer, pneumonia, HIV, auto accidents, colorectal cancer, house fires, and firearms combined. The great majority of these events happened outside of a hospital.

This means if there isn’t someone around that has some training on what to do to help the individual experiencing this emergency then they are likely to die.

When someone is around who has received AHA CPR, the individual experiencing this emergency will be three times more likely to survive than someone having a cardiac arrest when there is no one around with this type of training. Almost 90% of individuals who have a cardiac arrest will die when the event takes place outside of the hospital.

The reason is that there isn’t anyone around that has any idea how to help them. It is critical that they get help as quickly as possible.

When someone has basic training and knows how to administer basic CPR they can give that individual the help they need. Even if someone with AHA CPR training only uses it once in a lifetime it means they help save someone’s life. Many people would agree that fact makes it well worth going through the training. Even if it’s a stranger’s life that they save it would be worthwhile and when it’s a loved one or close friend the value is immeasurable.

How Likely Is Someone To Suffer Cardiac Arrest While At Work?

It is estimated in the US alone that more than 10,000 people will have a cardiac arrest while at work. If no one is around with basic knowledge about how to give them CPR they have a better than 90% chance of dying. That means that most of them will die if no one in the workplace knows how to help them. When there is someone who is able to provide the necessary assistance the likelihood of their surviving the event improves by three times.

The more people that learn this skill, the more likely it is that someone who has a cardiac arrest can be saved. There is no greater feeling than to know a skill someone possesses has helped to save another person’s life. This makes it well worth the time and effort to learn.

Three Additional Reasons To Learn CPR

1. Improves Confidence

There are many professions where having high levels of confidence is very helpful. These can include positions of management, sales, the medical profession, and certainly in professions where individuals deal with emergencies. Life, in general, can be greatly improved when someone has higher levels of confidence.

Learning skills such as CPR often helps in improving a person’s confidence. When they feel more certain that they can handle an emergency it improves their confidence.

When someone goes through CPR training they will gain the knowledge to help someone in an emergency. This gives them a sense of empowerment and they know that they have the ability to take control of an emergency situation if it is needed. Gaining the knowledge to become qualified to administer CPR, which is a life-saving procedure, can you give someone significant satisfaction and raise their confidence.

2. Always Be Prepared

Being prepared for the things that might happen in life is very beneficial. It’s not possible to know when an emergency will happen. A car accident, a work-related incident, are any number of other events can take place that puts someone into cardiac arrest. Once the emergency happens then it’s simply a matter of whether or not that person will get the attention they need fast enough to save their life or not.

When a person does what’s necessary to be prepared then when and if an emergency happens they know what to do. It won’t matter if the emergency happens while on vacation, while shopping at the grocery store, or while relaxing at home because that person is prepared and when the emergency happens they know what to do. A prepared person is able to save the life of someone having an emergency.

3. Added Value To An Employer

Depending on the field of employment there are employers that would see this type of training as favorable. When someone is competing against other worthy candidates this can be something that sets the individual apart from the others. Prospective employers will like the fact that an individual has made the effort to complete training that could save a life in an emergency situation in the workplace.

The AHA has designed material that anyone with the initiative can learn so that they are equipped to handle an emergency such as cardiac arrest. The American Heart Association is recognized around the world and anyone who goes to they’re training will be recognized as someone with the ability to help in an emergency.

The very fact that 90% of individuals who have this type of emergency happen will die if they have the event outside of the hospital is a pity.

If more people had emergency training then a high percentage of those who die could be saved. That is a big reason that more people should consider taking this type of training. It doesn’t take long and will provide the individuals who go through it with a lifetime of satisfaction of knowing they are ready.